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Why Video Should Be Included in your Digital Marketing Strategy

July 19th, 2016 No Comments

While many marketing experts will tell you that Internet trends change by the minute, Internet traffic patterns are oddly predictable in many ways. For example, over half of all Internet traffic is driven by video content. Over 100 million people watch online videos every day, and all of those videos lead to follow-up visits to external sites and purchase links. With more engagement, search engine ranking quickly goes through the roof. The case why video should be included in your digital marketing strategy becomes obvious the moment we begin to realize just how powerful a play button can be.


One of the great things about video marketing is just how versatile it can be. Combining short form videos that are designed to encourage clicks on specific links, with longer product demos and informative productions, allows you to vary the ways in which you interact with your audience. Put short form videos on profiles where quick information is valued (such as Twitter), and use longer videos where consumers expect to spend some time absorbing information (such as on a blog).

But it isn’t just the length or the information presented in each article that you can adapt. You can choose to do testimonials with your customers, interviews with industry experts, or live-action skits with your employees; or you can hire an animator to create entertaining cartoons that grab attention and interest. Videos offer other unique options as well; by using a GoPro style camera, you can show your clients what your day looks like first hand, or give them a look at how easy your product is for a first-time user, from their own point of view.


While the world is evolving to lean more heavily on text, visual content still reigns supreme on the Internet. By showing your clients your face, allowing them to see your product in action, and letting them hear the sincerity in the voices of those who have good reviews of your services, you are one step closer to gaining the trust of your audience. In fact, a survey on Animoto showed that more than 95 percent of online shoppers were able to more easily make a buying decision after watching a video on the product.

Video marketing offers a clear engagement advantage over newsletters, blog articles, and social media posts. Psychologically, when we see and/or hear a person, we feel more compelled to respond. Videos get more comments than almost any other type of media online, simply because our brains demand that we interact with a person that we perceive as more “real” than the person behind a wall of text on a blog.

Location, Location, Location

Marketing experts spend a lot of time analyzing online platforms in order to match an organization with the best location for their content. For example, do you provide a lot of in-depth instructional material that needs plenty of space to be totally clear? A blog is the best text-based option for you. Do you provide quick tips that lead back to your best-selling product? A fast-moving platform like Twitter or Pinterest may be a better focus.

The nice thing about video marketing is that it can be used to address any of these locations. Video can be posted to just about any platform on the web, and in many places it still leaves room for you to tack on a quick bit of text. A video and a link on Twitter can result in far more clicks than a blog post buried under pages of search results. This means that you can go to where your audience truly is, meeting them in their own Internet “home” and providing them with material that is both informative and entertaining.

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