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Why Investing in Lead Generation Is the Best Strategy

June 23rd, 2016 No Comments

Why lead generation is the best strategy !  In the past, most of any business’ marketing budget was spent on outbound marketing and advertising; i.e., marketing that is pushed out to everyone. Commercials on TV were incredibly lucrative advertising opportunities, as were magazine ads and other outbound strategies. Essentially, businesses were buying potential clients’ time and attention by buying advertising that would hopefully be played in front of them when they were at least a semi-captive audience.

Today, though, inbound marketing is the name of the game. Unlike ads that are pushed out to everyone, inbound marketing earns the attention of a targeted group. People don’t watch commercials anymore because they have on-demand TV or they stream their shows and movies through online services. And they won’t be convinced to choose your brand based on a flashy billboard or magazine ad. Today’s customers are interested in brands that they can trust and build relationships with. And that’s the first reason why lead generation is the best strategy for your online marketing efforts.

Focus on Being Found

Basically, mass marketing to try to get your potential customers’ attention doesn’t work anymore. Unsolicited email blasts go straight to people’s spam folders, and more and more people are using plug-ins and browser extensions to filter out online ads. People don’t want to see these kinds of campaigns and so they find ways to avoid them entirely. In other words, spending money on outbound advertising, even online, is generally a waste.

The better option these days is to focus your efforts on helping your potential customers find you (lead generation). And this can be done through a number of online marketing tactics, including blogging, vlogging, social media marketing, landing pages, and opt-in mailing lists.

The Buying Process Has Changed

Before the Internet, when people found out about a brand or a product, they generally expected to hear about it on TV or in an ad, learn more about it from a salesperson, and then make their decision. Today, though, buyers have a lot more access to industry information and info from competitors and other customers about which brands and products to trust, where to buy, and what exactly they need in a specific product or service.

So, the best way to get more customers to buy your products is to focus on getting more people reading about your industry, your business, who you are, and what you do. The more valuable content you give them about subjects that interest them related to your industry, the more they’ll grow to trust you as a thought leader and your brand as a source of quality products or services.

You’re Not Renting Your Customers’ Attention – You’re Earning It

Finally, with so much noise and competition for your customers’ attention online, it’s important to shift your focus in marketing from renting people’s attention to earning and owning it. In the past, you might have been able to rent a few seconds or minutes of people’s time via magazine ads or TV commercials, but today that’s not going to work. You want to own it, but you can’t buy it – so what do you do?

The more quality content you put out online – through your website, social media, and other outlets – the more people will come to trust you as an expert in your field and a name to be trusted. They’ll start following you on social media and paying attention to your blog. And, as more and more people come to you for advice and expertise, you’ll see more and more leads converting to customers.

You can see now how lead generation is the best marketing strategy available to you today to cut through the noise, improve your exposure, convert new customers, and retain existing customers. Give us a call; we can help with a strategy to generate leads for your business.

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