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Why You Need Visual Content in Your Marketing

September 15th, 2014 No Comments

photo-1452711932549-e7ea7f129399It’s not enough to tell people who you are; you have to show them.  Visual content has become increasingly important in online marketing strategies such as website creation and social media interaction.  Many businesses still focus on their products and brand even within their social networks.  Here are four reasons why you need to focus the visual aspect of content in your social networks.

Images Create a Reaction

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is even truer in social media.  Statistics have shown that people repost images and photos more often than they do links or articles.  That is because images get a reaction from people and causes them to take an action, such as commenting or liking.

It Creates a Common Bond

When you add photos or videos of something your potential customer is interested in, you demonstrate a common bond with them.  When they repost it or comment and it shows up on their page or newsfeed, their friends will see it.  Those with a similar interest will pay attention and will be more likely to visit your page or site as a result.

It Captures Interest

You can market your products or services with online marketing in social networks, but you need to make it capture the interest of your followers.  Use infographics or videos when you post the information to Facebook or Twitter.  Consumers love interesting facts and you can tie it into your company.  Find videos online that offer a how-to solution and post them on your page.  Better yet, create your own and include your product or service as part of your online marketing strategy.

It Builds a Relationship with Your Audience

Images evoke emotion more than words, so make sure you plan before you post photos or videos.  Light-hearted images, cute photos, or inspiring pictures will create a positive emotion that is connected with your company or brand and will help to build a relationship between you and the communtiy.  It also encourages them to share it with their friends.

Keep your visual content positive and avoid offending anyone with anything you post.  Build a positive relationship between your company and the community with the correct use of visual content and it will create loyalty from current customers and interest from potential ones.  While promoting your product or service is still an important aspect of marketing, it is even more about establishing a connection with your customers.

Visual content has become as important to online marketing as brand promotion.  It creates interest, develops a bond, and causes a reaction.  It allows you to develop a relationship with your customers so that they feel more invested with your company.  You can appeal to more people by engaging them visually.

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