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Using Twitter for Business or pleasure?

Using twitter symbols properly will get you started on effective twitter posts.  Since you can only use 140 characters to create a tweet these symbols are important and powerful.

How do you tweet? “d” “#” “@” “RT” What these symbols do, what they mean and how to use them. Learn how to post on twitter for the best results.

@: Talk publicly to another person

The “@” symbol is used to talk to another person publicly.  Usine the Twitter symbol “@” is called @replies or mentions because they reply to or mention someone else in a tweet.  Starting a tweet with @username will direct the message to that person, others will also see this tweet and that it was directed toward that person.

ie: @yourcyberpartne Great post on marketing, look forward to more of your great content.

This post is seen publicly but is directed to yourcyberpartne.  so yourcyberpartne will see it but everyone else who sees this tweet will see that yourcyberparte was mentioned as well.

d: Talk privately to another person

The lower case”d” is used before a twitters’ username to send that person a direct private message.  Only the person you are sending this to will see this message.

ie: d @yourcyberpartne  Hi There, how are you doing today?

yourcyberpartne will get this message directly and nobody else will see it.  This is a way to send a private message.

#: Tag a message with a label

The “#” symbol (or hashtag as we know it) is used as a reference or a search tool.  Anyone who searches on a specific topic will find messages with that #search.  It is a way to label your tweet, kind of like an index tool.

ie: I just posted a tweet about using the #twitterSymbols.

Anyone who searches on “twittersymbols” will get the results of posts that have #twitterSymbols included in the content, like the example above.  Pretty cool huh?  It is also very powerful!

RT: Repeat another person’s tweet

When you see “RT” at the beginning of a tweet it signifies that tweet has been shared or repeated this is called a “ReTweet” (RT).  When you see a tweet that you find interesting or compelling enough to share then you ReTweet it to share with others.

ie: RT I just posted a tweet about using #twitterSymbols.

This shows that you enjoyed the tweet and wanted to share it with others.  Now it is on your feed as a ReTweet (RT).

There are currently only four symbols used on twitter.  That is all there is to it!  You are now ready to start using twitter!  Hope this clears things up a bit and gets you started on your way.

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