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How to Generate Buzz Using Facebook

May 12th, 2016 No Comments

Using Facebook has become one of today’s most important marketing tools. Done right, it often appears in the search results even before your website. Here’s how you can leverage your Facebook page to create the right buzz around your business and carve out your niche.

Content is (Still) King

To ensure your Facebook page is read, liked and shared, offer meaningful and compelling content to your audience on a consistent basis. To keep your audience engaged and coming back to your page, original content is a must. Your articles should be housed in a blog or on a website and shared through Facebook. Your content and tone should reflect your views, your business, and you while appealing to your specific audience. For example, if you want to interest Millennials, you wouldn’t write in a formal, stuffy manner. On the other hand, if you want to attract the heads of major banks, your articles can’t be too casual.

So what do you write about? It’s important to know your audience and anticipate their questions about the product/service you sell. Your content shouldn’t be ‘salesy,’ but rather informational. For example, if you sell natural baby food to young moms, write about how to choose the right food for your baby (not necessarily your food). Other articles/post could include how to know if your baby has gas, what to do if your baby doesn’t like his veggies, etc. It’s all related and would appeal to the young mom who is interested in healthy food for her baby.

In addition to your original content, look for and share other people’s content that would appeal to the same audience.

Use Videos

Three billion videos are viewed on Facebook every day. And with Facebook’s auto-play feature, it’s no wonder Facebook is giving YouTube a run for its money. Videos are in high demand by consumers, and Facebook has become the platform of choice for viewing and sharing engaging video content. Just last year, Facebook incorporated a videos tab on pages to allow for featured videos. It has never been easier for businesses to showcase their most popular video content.

To ensure the success of your video marketing campaigns, be sure to incorporate a call to action and strive to create valuable video content that would entice people to share it on their Timeline. Like any good content, aim to educate your audience with your videos. For instance, The Food Network contains plenty of innovative, quick-tips videos that garner a flood of likes and shares, while Tasty features step-by-step visual recipes. Some businesses have started posting candid videos of their business, people, corporate events, and manufacturing processes in order to make their customers feel included in their brand. Depending on your company culture, you might entertain your audience with behind the scenes interviews of your employees. If being in front of a camera is not your thing, don’t fret. There are many other options. For example, a video of your web pages or other still pictures paired with words and music can get a message across, while an animated or whiteboard explainer video is the perfect way to describe your services.

Add Images and Infographics

Generally speaking, people are visual. Why read long passages of text when an image can convey the same message? On Facebook specifically, content with an interesting graphic or photo is more likely to be shared and ‘Liked’ than text alone. An infographic, a visual image used to represent information or data, is a great way to present information. Specifically when giving statistics, a visual is much more appealing—and easier to follow—than reading a bunch of numbers within a paragraph.

Start a Debate

People love to share their opinion, and what’s a better way than jumping into the midst of a heated debate fueled by a contentious topic. Take care not to alienate your audience. Leave the topic open to conversation and ask them to weigh in. A word of caution: when using this strategy, make sure you constantly monitor and keep a vigilant eye, lest people attack each other (virtually of course).

Host a Free Event

Few things are as viral and sharable as a top-notch event or webinar. Facebook Events are not only a viable way of maximizing exposure for special promotions, grand openings, and product launches, they can greatly fortify your brand image and build anticipation by keeping these events in front of the consumer and top of mind.

When you create an event on Facebook (using their events application), you must proactively promote the event, build interest and create anticipation. Do this by posting compelling updates to your timeline on a regular basis leading up to the event. Everyone who is invited to your event will see the post. Your event can be private or public. When someone RSVPs to a public event, their friends will see it. This is a great way of creating tremendous buzz around the event and keeping it visible.

Hold a Contest

Engaging your audience with a good contest is a great way to get more Likes and create buzz. Offer something of value to your audience. The prize need not be expensive, or even yours, but something that connects to your business. For example, if you’re a general contractor, you might give away a book from Amazon about DIY projects. Those who enter the contest are most likely interested in such projects and would be a good lead for you. If you’re giving away a GoPro camera, you’ll have everyone signing up to win, but they’re not your target audience, and you’ll be wasting your time and money. You want to grow your list, but do so wisely.

To keep the buzz going from your contest

  • Profile the winner on your Facebook page. This stone kills two birds. First, it greatly flatters the winner, and secondly, it allows other participants to see that you held a fair contest.
  • Post a video of you selecting and announcing the winner of the contest.
  • Send a follow-up message or email to all your contestants thanking them for participating. Give them another call to action, such as checking out your site, or a small consolation price like a discount on their next purchase. Be creative.


Facebook is a low- or no-cost way to effectively promote your business, gain new followers, create buzz, and enhance your customer service. If you’re not using social media as a part of your overall marketing strategy, you’re missing out.

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