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How to Use a Newsletter to Help Your Business Grow

September 1st, 2014 No Comments

photo-1449024540548-94f5d5a59230Have you thought about adding a newsletter to your marketing campaign?  You may have sat down and tried to create one but didn’t know what to include.  The thought of creating a monthly newsletter can be overwhelming if you have never done one before.  Here is a look at some elements to make your newsletter an effective marketing tool.

Provide Useful Information

A newsletter is not the same as a sales letter; you are not trying to get people to buy something every time you send one to them.  You are trying to establish a relationship with them so that they will purchase your products or services the next time they need something.

Provide useful information about your industry.  For instance, if you offer fitness equipment, you could include articles about the latest trends in fitness or the newest findings from doctors.  This increases the likelihood that they will read the newsletter and may even pass it along to their friends.

Highlight Products and Services

While you may not shout “Buy this product,” you can provide important information about what you offer.  This can include details about how something works or side benefits that may not be obvious.  Think about questions your customers have asked about a product or service you offer and answer them in your newsletter.

Mention Sales and Discounts

If you have an upcoming sale or special offer, mention it in your newsletter.  You can even run sales on certain items that are exclusive to your newsletter recipients.  This encourages them to pay close attention when they receive the latest edition to get in on special deals.

Your newsletter does not have to be complicated or long; it just has to be long enough to convey your message.  It should provide helpful, useful information so that the customer perceives value in reading it.  That makes it an effective marketing tool to help your business grow as they share it with others.

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