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When to Use Email Marketing for Your Business

November 10th, 2014 No Comments

email marketing servicesWhen you think of online marketing, you may consider social media sites or forums as ways to make your business known. While those are effective methods, you do not want to forget email marketing as a component of your strategy. Here are a few instances where marketing through an email list can be beneficial to your company.

Doing Surveys

You need to know how satisfied your customers are with your services. A survey is best done through email where it reaches all of your intended audience and you can get a quicker response. They also won’t have to input any personal or contact information and can just reply to the questions you ask, which will increase the percentage of responses.

Advertise a Sale

People may not know about a sale until after the fact, but a timely email can alert them to a great discount on a product or service that they have been waiting for and encourage them to make a purchase. With the right subject line, you can catch their attention and let them know about special deals.

Ask for a Review or Testimonial

You want to get reviews from people who actually use your products or services because they are authentic and honest. The best way to do this is through emails that reach the people who have made purchases or used your services.

Introduce Customers to Your Website

If you get an email address when a customer makes a purchase in your store, you can send them an email directing them to your website or social media site. This allows them to make online purchases, interact with your business and other customers, and to develop more of an interest in your company. Numerous companies are online and interacting with users on a daily basis, and it is essential that your customers know that you also have a web presence.

While email marketing is not as glamorous as other online strategies, it is an effective and important part of your advertising campaign and should never be ignored.

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