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Tips for ‘Pinning’ Your Way to Success with Pinterest

August 18th, 2014 No Comments

success with pinterestPinterest has become more than just another social media site; it is also a social marketing tool for businesses.  Since it has developed new resources just for businesses, it will increase the draw for those companies to its site.  However, you can only be successful with Pinterest or any other social media site if you know how to use it correctly.  Here are some tips to help you market effectively.

Spend Time on Your Profile

As with all social marketing tools, the purpose is more about getting to know you and your brand than selling something.   Take the time to create a complete profile with your business logo and links to your website.  Let people know who you are.  Also add the Pin It button for your website and use keywords to link your profile with relevant searches.

Research Your Ideal Customer on Pinterest

Use your keywords to search for your ideal customer.  Know what they are pinning.  Answer their questions or inspire them with your board.  Choose topics that demonstrate you values and products or services with your ideal customer in mind.

Think About What and When You Pin

Create several boards in different categories and be creative with names.  Make it fun and interesting to people who visit your boards.  If you are pinning your products, add prices.  If you put a price in your description, you will automatically get a price banner.

Pin when your fans are pinning to get more attention from your social marketing efforts.  According to Pinterest, the most popular times to pin are between 2 and 4 pm on weekdays and in the evenings.

Be Sociable

Regardless of the kind of social marketing you do, one rule stays the same: interact with your followers.  For Pinterest, this means repinning their pins.  Comment and like others’ pins.  Also, say thank you when someone repins something from your board.  This is one of the most underused tools and one of the easiest things to do.

Be authentic.  Don’t randomly post or add comments to everyone’s boards.  You can lose commenting privileges if the site thinks you are doing heavy commenting for spam purposes.

Be Creative with Visual Content

Your items are more likely to be repined if they are visually interesting.  Pinterest is like other social marketing resources in the fact that people will be more likely to repin something that is visually captivating.  This includes photos, graphics, video; even interesting fonts for text can make an image more pinnable.

Video is one of the least pinned visuals on Pinterest but one of the most popular, which gives you a unique opportunity in your categories.

Pinterest is a unique social marketing tool for businesses and many companies are beginning to capitalize on it.  Take the time to understand how the website works and how it can benefit your business.  It can become a valuable resource and introduce your company to a whole new group of customers.

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