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Email Marketing: How Often Should You Email Your List?

July 29th, 2016 No Comments

Email Marketing How Often Should You Email Your ListWhile it would be great if there was research that suggested that mailing exactly every 5 days gets you the best results every time, there is no such thing. There is no magic number, no schedule to follow. And here’s why…

Every market, every niche, every audience and every person is different. And while you’ll never make everyone on your list happy, there are ways to determine what will work for your audience. (more…)

How to Create Content that Converts

December 15th, 2014 No Comments

content marketingYou may be the master of writing interesting, entertaining content for your blog or website.  In fact, you may get numerous comments and replies from readers.  But unless you convert that readership into customers, you are wasting your time.  As a business owner, your goal is to gain new customers or clients, not just fans. (more…)

5 Parts of Successful Email Marketing

October 20th, 2014 No Comments

If you have decided to include email marketing as part of your advertising strategy, you need to know how to make it stand out enough to be read.  Don’t let your email go in the trash without being opened: create something everyone wants to read.  Here is how to design an email that gets a better return on investment. (more…)

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