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Reputation Management

What Are They Saying What’s said on the Web stays on the Web! Is your reputation one that you can be proud of? We’ll research everything that’s been said about you and/or your business.

If negative reviews exist, we’ll identify the problem and when it occurred. If recent, we may be able to address the issue. If the posts were from years ago, the best way to deal with that is to get new, positive reviews. Any savvy shopper will take into account the number of positive reviews over the one angry customer.

We’ll help you get more reviews from your customers by providing the tools for your industry. Maybe your clients are of an older generation and not so technical. No problem; we’ll create very short (branded) survey cards for you to solicit feedback, then we’ll upload those testimonials to your website for you.

Reputation management is extremely important for your business, and reviews are a sure-fire way to increase your visibility with Google. Those with the most stars in the search engine results page wins. Your Cyber Partner will do our best to help you get there!

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