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4 Reasons You Should Be Blogging

April 21st, 2016 No Comments

If you run a business, chances are you may be wondering whether blogging is still applicable or vital in today’s social media marketing environment. The answer is a resounding YES! It does not matter if you are a multinational company, small business, or medium-sized enterprise, blogging is crucial for your content marketing strategy. It is an inexpensive and easy way to attract more prospective customers, drive traffic to your site, and enhance your inbound marketing efforts.

According to a study conducted in 2012 by HubSpot, it was revealed that 81% of businesses admit blogging is crucial for their business with 57% of companies reporting they acquired and retained majority of their customers via their blog. Google also places huge emphasis on generating unique, relevant, and targeted content for better ranking. As a result, the importance of blogging for businesses will only continue to grow over the years. And, here are several reasons that prove why:

Promote Your Business

Let us start with the most obvious benefit of blogging – it gives you a ‘FREE’ platform for promoting and marketing your business and its product and services online (on websites, forums, social media platforms, etc). Of course, it may take a little time for startup businesses to build a good audience, but when you have managed to build trust and establish a good following – you can easily communicate with your customers directly. This allows them to share their ideas with you, ask questions or queries, or even test out your products and services. All of which are crucial for gaining increased exposure.

Drive Tremendous Traffic

One of the main benefits of blogging is that it gives you the opportunity to create relevant, targeted, and unique content tailored for your customers. This can be used as an exceptional marketing tactic to build reputation and drive traffic back to your website. The higher engagement your blog has, the better chances it also has to rank higher on Google.

This leads to a boost in web traffic to your website, increasing the chances of making a sale. However, it is imperative that you make your blog the foundation of all your social media platforms. Post links with relevant video or photos on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to give social followers a reason to check you out.

Establish Yourself as an Industry Leader

It does not matter if you are a small business, multinational enterprise, or a medium-sized firm – by blogging you can build influence and trust within your industry. However, it does take a little effort and you have to post valuable and expert information in your blog posts. Nevertheless, as you continue to post useful blogs with resourceful and informative content, you can ultimately benefit from higher customer conversion rates. This is especially imperative for small businesses that need to gain credibility or an edge against the competition.

Create Potential Opportunities for Sharing

Perhaps one of the best things about blogging is that you can show different sides of your business. On any particular day, you could post informative blog posts to pose as leader in your industry. On other days, you can show a more personal side of your business that gives current and prospective customers an in-depth view of how you operate.

In simple words, blogging gives a sense of personality, vision, and standards of your company. The more appealing your blogs are, the better chances of them being shared. In addition, when customers begin to email, tweet, or share your blogs with others, you benefit from ‘free’ marketing.

Last, but not the least, Google loves fresh and unique content. So, what better way to provide frequent and useful content than blog posts? By consistently posting blogs, PRs, whitepapers, eBooks, and articles, you give Google a chance to index your content. If the content is appealing and optimized for searches, you get to benefit from increased visibility on search engine result pages (SERPS).

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