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How to Provide Customer Service Using Social Media

June 7th, 2016 No Comments

When you think of sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, customer service may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, did you know that according to JD Power, an estimated 67% of today’s consumers have used social media to communicate with companies for customer service purposes? In other words, social media marketing has the potential to improve your customer relations and give you a reputation for quality customer care and service. So how can you provide customer service using social media? Check out a few of our favorite tips.

Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

Where do your customers hang out online? Which platforms do they use most? If you haven’t already done the research to find out whether your target audience spends more time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Google+, it’s time to get started. Basically, you’ll just need to take the demographic research you’ve done on your ideal customer(s) and apply it to social media.

Pew Research Center has a lot of great demographics information on different platforms, and Business Insider has a good breakdown of users on a number of social sites. Start with these, and you’ll get a better idea of which sites to focus your attention on. Then create pages on these sites and maintain an active presence on them with regular, valuable posts that your customers will want to read.

Pay Attention to Your Comments Sections

Don’t just post and leave. Pay attention to the comments sections on all of your pages and posts. If a customer asks a question or leaves a comment about your company, they’re looking for an answer. Give them a timely, polite, and professional response, and they’ll feel valued and heard. That’s the first step in providing quality customer service and building better customer relationships.

Monitor Your Mentions

Most social sites will notify you when someone tags you in a post. Pay attention to those notifications and read the posts. If a customer is complaining about you to their friends and followers on social media, you’ll have the opportunity to respond, rectify the problem, and improve your reputation.

Sometimes your brand or company may not be tagged in a post, but that doesn’t mean you have to constantly scour all of your social media platforms to find out when people are talking about you. In this case, a service like SocialMention can help. Just type in your business’ name to find out what people are saying about you.

Create, Use, and Monitor Branded Hashtags

Finally, if you create a custom branded hashtag for your business, you can use it on all of your social media posts and encourage your customers to use it when talking about your brand. Then you can keep an eye on all of the posts that use your hashtag. This will allow you to show appreciation when your customers feature your products or services, and you can instantly address issues that your customers have, even when they’re not posting directly on one of your social pages.

Want more information on improving your customer service through social media marketing? Contact us at Your Cyber Partner today and let us show you how we can help you grow your business and build better relationships with your customers.

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