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Press Releases

A good press release can help boost your visibility—both online and off. A press release has a twofold approach: it can inform potential customers directly, and it can increase site ranking through the use of keywords and links. With the advent of Google’s new algorithms, however, businesses have to be cautious with how they create and send out this material. Google is now on the lookout for bad link-building practices, such as a hastily written piece about your new product on a free distribution site. Today’s press releases must be newsworthy.

That said, press releases are still a valuable tool for small businesses. The trick is to create informative, article-like content that doesn’t sound too promotional. While press releases used to contain boasts like “O’Flanagan’s Opens New Location,” they’ve now shifted to intriguing news stories. If your Irish pub is opening up another location, find the story behind it. Thinking like a journalist…why would anyone find this story interesting? What’s different about the new pub? Are you only using local produce? Is the new manager a recent transplant from Ireland who is dedicating the building to his deceased brother? Businesses open and close all the time; new products and services are constantly introduced. A press release that focuses on the story behind the event can set your business apart.

Another trend is the way press releases are formatted and sent. Press releases of yesterday were typically five paragraphs written in a journalistic style and sent to the media via fax, but today’s press releases are sent digitally. This allows us to optimize them by adding multimedia content such as videos or images. Smart, engaging graphics can be much more effective than five-paragraphs of plain text.

Your Cyber Partner can help get your story to the right media. Online submissions will link back to your site, which helps with your SEO, but we also seek to get your story published locally where your customers and prospects can see it. We include all the components of a good press release, including an attention getting headline, a few quotes, contact information, and your website.

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