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What You Need On Your Facebook Page More Than Fans

December 8th, 2014 No Comments

facebook more fansSeventy percent of the people who like your Facebook page will never visit again.  That statistic can be discouraging if you are focusing on accumulating more likes and fans.  However, instead of concentrating on the seventy percent, focus on getting the thirty percent more involved.  Rather than worrying about adding more fans with your social networking, concentrate on developing advocates.  Those are the people who spread the word about your business and page to their friends.  Here are some practical ways to turn your fans into advocates.

  1. Integrate Facebook into your website.

Don’t treat Facebook like a separate entity from your website; make the two sites work together.  Use your Facebook page to drive your fans to your website where they can get to know more about you.  It could be with a free offer or a special discount that you mention on Facebook and link to your relevant page.  You don’t have to oversell by creating multiple sales pages; just one with multiple links from different locations with a call to action where appropriate.

  1. Post photos to get more interaction from your fans.

People invest more time in a page when they get involved.  Studies show that more Facebook users like and repost images than links to websites or articles.  Use a photo of your website, a product, or a relevant image from somewhere else on the web.  For instance, post a video on your Facebook page that mentions a problem your customers can relate to that your product solves.

  1. Reward your fans.

Reward the people who come back to your Facebook page with free gifts and special offers just for them.  This will encourage them to come back and visit your page more often and tell others about it.  Find out what appeals to your fans and incorporate that into your page.  It could be a special report that solves a problem for your customers or a coupon for a free service.  Add something extra for those who invite their friends.

  1. Focus on building relationships rather than selling.

Don’t try to sell your product or service on every page or with every post.  Instead, take the time to build relationships with your fans.  Let them get to know you as well as your business.  Add a video to your Facebook page where you talk directly to your fans and tell them something about you without giving a sales message.

  1. Make your page all about them.

Instead of focusing on yourself and your business, make the focus of your Facebook page about your fans.  Find out what they like and where their interests lie and cater to that.  Start conversations about topics they will reply to; include video about those subjects to capture their interest.

If you focus on building the loyalty of the followers who are truly interested in your business instead of just getting more fans, you will build a group of advocates that will promote your business for you.  What better way to market your business than to let your fans do it for you?


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