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How to Grab the Attention of Local Media for Your Business

June 22nd, 2017 No Comments

Local Media for Your Business

Local Media for Your Business

Does your company need more exposure? If so, a local media company could be the key. While most business owners think this is above their heads, here’s some simple advice for getting it done.

Know How to Pitch

The biggest mistake I see from most companies that want media attention is that they don’t take the requisite time to find out what a channel, newspaper, website, etc. wants to hear about. A business owner will simply call them up to tell them about a sale they’re running, a new service they provide or something equally—for lack of a better word—unnewsworthy.

If you want space on a local media company’s page or broadcast, you better give them a good reason for giving it to you. Why is your story relevant to their audience? Maybe the way you provide a certain service is the first time it’s ever been done in this city. If it’s controversial, that will definitely stand a good chance of getting published.

Always pitch via email. Although some may recommend the direct approach with a phone call, you’ll most likely get voicemail. You’ll also be competing with phone calls about emergency situations and live events, and those will likely get attention over your business.

Find the Right Person

Thanks to social media, especially sites like LinkedIn, it can be fairly easy to track down the right person you need to contact for a local media feature. Before you decide to settle for just anyone, be sure you exhaust all of your options for trying to find the contact info for that ideal person. Just getting a hold of the right editor, producer, etc. can make a huge difference where your efforts are concerned.

Just Ask

Here’s another way to figure out how you can make your company more relevant to a local media company: just ask. Even after you know the right person, you can waste a lot of time pitching over and over again if they’re not interested.

Instead, if your pitch isn’t accepted, tell the person you’re speaking to that you’re very interested in having your company featured and would like to know what you could do to make your story more appealing to their audience.

Some may tell you that there is absolutely nothing you could do. If that’s the case, move on. There are other options to pursue.

Provide Valuable Content

This advice should sound fairly familiar. It’s the cornerstone of content marketing. Yet, most people forget all about it when they want to be on the news or featured in the local newspaper.  As we mention above, they pitch their services or some other business offering. Instead, consider how you could lend your expertise to the audience. For example, if you install windows, you could explain that you’ll help their viewers/readers understand when it’s time to consider a replacement or what models on the market are offer the best value for their price.

This kind of thing isn’t incredibly urgent, so you might not get featured right away, but if the information is actually helpful, you’ll definitely get the exposure you want sooner or later.

Think About Your Unique Story

Everyone loves a good human interest story. Do you have a unique story that readers/viewers would want to know about? Maybe one of your employees does. These may not focus a lot of attention on your company, but it will get you in the news cycle.

Leverage Your Social Media Following

Here’s one more reason to build up your social media following: it can help you get media attention. If you have a story idea, tweet it to local media outlets, but make sure their handle isn’t the first word in the message. This will ensure your followers see it and can comment, retweet and favorite it. Every time they do this, the media outlet will be alerted. If this happens enough times, you can bet they’re going to be interested in leveraging your popularity.

At Your Cyber Partner, we understand the importance of getting as much exposure as possible for your business. If you want more advice like the kind above, be sure to subscribe to our blog as we’ll be covering this topic regularly.

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