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Responsive Websites

We’re all about getting you found online. And by ‘you’ we mean your website, the face of your business. So before considering any other marketing strategies, take a look at your website. Is it new, fresh, easy to navigate, responsive, and helpful?

If your website is more than three years old, chances are it is not a responsive site. Responsive websites are those that respond to whatever media one is using, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. With almost 90% of searches done from mobile devices nowadays, it is critical that you have a responsive site to attract steady business.

DIY websites, well, they look like DIY websites. And that’s not a good representation for your business. For most of these sites, these are an ‘online brochure.’ You must tell others where to find you by printing your website on your business card or in your email. Wouldn’t it make sense to have the website actually work for you?  That is, attract people who are looking for what you have to offer and who you might not otherwise meet.

Your Cyber Partner can create an affordable, responsive, lead-generating website for your business. If we can work with what you have, we will. If not, we’ll start fresh. A good website is the foundation for all of your other marketing.


Your website is the most critical part of your online presence. It is, basically, your online storefront. But more important than a nice design is effective content. We’ll work with you to determine what it is that you want to convey to your customers and prospects. Once we have a strategy, we’ll conduct a detailed keyword research to find out what your customers typically search for and the amount of competition these words have. Then we’ll use these words in the copy while writing with your strategy in mind. The goal is to create an effective online presence that allows customers to find you through search engines. After all, you want your website to work for you.


Your Cyber Partner does not offer hosting. If you would like to switch from your current host for whatever reason, we can set up an account for you with GoDaddy and help make the transition. We find GoDaddy to be reliable, very affordable, and they have great customer support! We put the account in your name; it is yours (and paid for by you). We may have access, but you own it. If at any time in the future, you no longer want to work with us, you won’t have to move your site again. That’s how we roll!


A reliable, consistent, lead-generating website can increase profits in a tough economy. But you have to take the same care with your site as your brick-and-mortar storefront as it’s often the first impression for potential customers, and you know what they say about first impressions! Small business owners take pride in keeping their brick-and-mortar stores clean; the aisles are swept, the products are neatly stacked, and the curtains are tied back to reveal sparkling clean windows. Your website should be cared for in exactly the same manner. If you have stale content, lousy placement, and broken links, it sends the message to potential customers that you really just don’t care. Worst of all are sites that don’t even load; it’s like keeping a “closed” sign on the door of your store all day! You need to check the links, update content, and ensure responsiveness on a daily basis – just like you would mop the floor and shine the countertops.

YCP can keep your site fresh and give readers a reason to come back. On a regular basis, we will test all links/fix as necessary, link news articles and press releases, update content, post blogs, upload photos/videos, or post news to your site.

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