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Is Your Site REALLY Mobile Responsive?

May 19th, 2015 No Comments

photo-1454997423871-b5215756e54dJust because you can view your website on your phone doesn’t necessarily mean that it is ‘mobile responsive.’ It may be that your site is simply scaled to fit. So why, then, should you ensure that it is truly mobile-responsive?

First, a tiny version of your site is hard to read. One must enlarge the screen to see the words and then move the screen from side to side to see it all. This causes frustration for your viewers. Second, the Google search engines are crawling your site for specific coding that indicates your site is responsive. Without this code, your site will fall in the rankings.Mobile Responsive

A site that is created (or modified) to be ‘responsive’ means that it ‘responds to’ whatever device is being used. Note the image from AudiologyOnline. The same site is formatted differently (and automatically) between the desktop, tablet, and phone, making it easy to read from anywhere.

Still not sure if your site is responsive? Click here to enter your URL and find out.


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