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How to Market Effectively on Pinterest

August 11th, 2014 No Comments

downloadWhile Pinterest was started as a way to repost things you love, it has huge potential for marketing for businesses.  Here are some ways you can market more effectively on the site if you already have a profile in place and boards set up.

Have a Call to Action

Let users know what you want them to do when they visit your boards.  More people will get involved with your boards if they are told what to do.  According to experts, a pin with a call to action gets 80 percent more involvement than one without.

Create a Competition

Create a unique competition on Pinterest and promote it through your website or blog.  For instance, have fans create their own board around one of your products and email a link to you.  The person with the most interesting board could win a prize.  Competition can be centered around pinning and repinning or commenting on your boards.

Create Buzz about Your Boards

Allow users to post on your boards.  Create a board that your employees can post on or an event board where people add comments and post if they attend the event.  The more involved you can get users, the more likely they will be to spread the word.

Remember SEO

Don’t forget to use keywords in your profile, board names, and pin descriptions for search purposes.  Searches on Pinterest include Pins, People, and Boards so make sure yours gets noticed with the right keywords.

Marketing strategies work the same way on Pinterest as they do anywhere else.   Draw people in with intriguing content, keep them there with engaging information, and decide what you want them to take away from their visit.

Use Pinterest Tools to Your Advantage

Use the Pinterest Mobile App to allow you to pin more often and to space out the timing of your pins.  Pinerly is a content management dashboard that can provide helpful information for your marketing efforts.  It is important that you be able to analyze any marketing strategy, including Pinterest.  With Pinerly, you can track pins and view statistics.  You can also learn the best times to pin and which Pinners you should follow with this tool.

Pinstamatic allows you to create your own pins of original content.  There are numerous ways to use this for your business.  You can add clips from websites, interesting quotes, audio, and map locations and calendar dates.  If you are hosting an event for your business or a sale, you can list that information here with the date and location.

Pinterest is becoming one of the highest sources of referral traffic for businesses; use it effectively for successful marketing.

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