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How to Attract New Customers

April 8th, 2016 No Comments

How to attract new customersContent marketing is today’s hottest strategy on how to  attract new customers and increasing your sales. Unlike regular advertising where you have to get in the face of your prospects and interrupt whatever they’re doing with a “look at me” message, content marketing subtly attracts those who want what you have to offer. They will read your content and follow your posts because they are genuinely interested.

To be recognized as an expert in your field, you need to consistently post relevant content so
your readers see you and your business over and over again. It is important that people get to know, like, and trust you if they are to eventually buy from you. The more content you post, the more they see you and what you have to say or share.

Attract -To get started, know who you want to target. Is yours a business that serves other business or do you sell to consumers? Are you trying to reach homeowners, tattoo artists, or busy executives? Are they young people or seniors? Knowing your audience allows you to post content that is relevant to them. Content can include video, audio clips, blog posts, articles, images, and your own (positive) thoughts on content you are sharing. Your content should be about your business or industry, and at the same time, reflect your personality and appeal to your target audience (so they read and share). Building a loyal following can help your business blossom. And you do that by offering value to your readers. (It’s also a good idea to set some measurable goals and track what is and isn’t working.)

Engage -Anticipate questions your prospects might ask and provide answers. Use social media to point your readers to an article or your website where a solution can be found. You should include a good mix of original material written by you and articles written by others in your industry. When sharing, be sure to add your own comment and always give credit.

Convert – For those who have followed you, read and commented on your articles and are now ready to buy what you offer (however long that takes), the final step before they make a decision is to see what others think. Show them proof. Post case studies, great reviews and testimonials. Share these via social media and on your website. Statistics show that a majority of buyers put their trust in the opinions of others who have used your product or service.

Nurture – Ensure your new customer is happy with their decision and has no ‘buyer’s remorse.’ Now it’s all about customer service, retention, and referrals. Content at this stage could be a product manual or support documentation, as well as a personal follow up call or email. More information about your company also helps with customer loyalty. Share your mission statement or best practices. Show them that you care. Even if this is a one-time purchase, a customer who has a great experience is more likely to tell others, refer you, or write a positive review online. They will continue to read and share your content. And this goes a long way toward getting new customers.

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