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How Sweet is Google?

May 22nd, 2015 No Comments


Are you confused by conflicting information online regarding keywords? I’ve had several clients tell me that “someone told them” keywords are no longer important. They’re getting only half the story. Keywords ARE important—with other words. Let me explain:

  • do you want to MAKE buttermilk?
  • do you want to BUY buttermilk?
  • do you want to SELL buttermilk?
  • do you want to know WHAT ELSE you can do with buttermilk?
  • do you want to know where buttermilk comes from?
  • do you want recipes containing buttermilk?

See what I mean? People today ASK Google in a conversational tone what they’re looking for. In the above example, I may have typed “what can I use as a substitute for buttermilk?” And Google would’ve returned exactly what I was looking for.

After trying to explain this to a client who insisted that the extraneous words would be removed by the search engines and you’re still left with the key words, I headed to the kitchen to make dinner. Are there I got a perfect example of how Google responds to our searches.

In the kitchen, I grabbed my Tablet and asked Google “How can I use honey that turned to sugar?” Below are the top responses:

  • Why is my honey crystallizing?
  • 3 ways to liquefy honey
  • How to decrystallize honey
  • Restoring crystallized honey
  • Why does honey crystallize?

Note that my inquiry did not contain the words “crystallize” or “liquefy.” Nor did the responses contain the word “sugar.” This is a perfect example of how marketers and business owners must anticipate their audience’s questions and address them with key PHRASES that answer those questions.

Click the link below for a Google presentation that offers a great explanation of how they search the web. Use your scroll wheel to move down through the pages (slowly). There’s a mind-blowing statistic at the end.  Enjoy!


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