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Is Google Plus Important for Your Business?

January 5th, 2015 No Comments

You have numerous social networking sites available to choose from and one of the newer ones is Google Plus.  It launched in 2011 and has around 500 million users registered with the site.  Compared to Facebook, you may not hear much about it and wonder if it is worth your time.  Is Google Plus as important as Facebook, Twitter, and other sites?

It is Second Behind Facebook

According to a report by Global Web Index, Google Plus is the second biggest social network in terms of registered users right behind Facebook.  While it still runs a distant second, that statistic is pretty good for a site that has been called a failure by much of the media.  When you add in the fact that it influences Google Search, it’s easy to see why many companies are looking at it for their social media platforms.

It Hosts Interaction between Businesses

Google Plus also allows businesses to interact with each other, which includes B2B customers and industry leaders.  Employees working remotely can also participate in meetings through Google Plus.  This combines the business side and social media side of the network, which is attractive to businesses that want to keep everything together.

It Allows for Segmentation

You can use Google Plus to separate content that you want shared with a specific audience and not all of your contacts.  It allows you to be more direct and personal with the content you choose to share with other businesses and customers.  You can create more targeted marketing for your audience.

It Improves SEO

Google Plus has been linked with Google Search and it is obvious when you think about the +1 that you see on pages.  The more people you can get to click that button, the better you are going to rank.  Of course, that assumes you are doing other things right.  Add that button to your product pages so your customers can click when they find a great product that they want to promote.

It Increases Your Brand

When you are a member of Google Plus, you get a double impact in search results.  When your company page is listed in search results, information comes up to the right of the page that tells more details about you.  It can provide a list of your latest posts and include a follow button for new fans to join you.

It Assists in Local Searches

If your business is locally based, Google Plus can create a page with various details it finds from around the web.  It places this information together on a Local Plus page to provide data for users who conduct a destination-based search.  People can also place reviews that help with future searches and reward you for excellent customer service.  This is then translated into a score that shows along the basic information about your company.

While you may not have time to get involved with every social media outlet available, you should consider how Google Plus will benefit your business.  Google has a mountain of resources and controls the majority of searches today.  Why not get on their good side?

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