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Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Your Business

August 25th, 2014 No Comments

Social media is another way to market for businesses, but not everyone knows how to use it effectively.  Business owners may tweet when they have a sale or discount or some kind of news for their company, but unless you create a relationship all along, your recipients are likely to ignore it because they don’t know who you are.  Here are some creative ways that can help you get noticed on Twitter.

Create Lists

Twitter allows you to create lists to separate people or businesses into groups.  You can use these lists to send specific tweets.  You can put customers in one list, vendors in another one, even competitors in their own list.  This allows you to organize the people you follow so that you can pay attention to their messages better and catch important information.

Add a Picture

You have the option to add a profile picture.  Consider adding a logo that people will associate with your business; this helps to increase brand awareness of your company.  Admittedly, the square is so small that you may have a hard time fitting your complete logo, so you will have to get creative.  Perhaps an abbreviated image of your logo would work, or use your own photo for the picture.

Customize Your Profile

Twitter lets you create your profile with colors and a design that suits your image.  You can also use this space to provide more details about your business. Consider using your logo for your background.

Write Your Bio in a Short Message

It can be hard to narrow down your information into the size of a text message, but it should tell people what your business is and how you serve customers.  Don’t forget to add some personality so people see the person behind the business.

Take the Time to Listen

Twitter is about conversations, and that means listening as well as talking.  On Twitter, this means reading and commenting on other people’s tweets .  Search for anyone who is talking about your business and save it to review regularly.  This lets you know what people are saying and gives you the opportunity to comment.

Add Your Twitter Account to Your Business Materials

Put your username on your website, business card, newsletter, and sales page.  Add it to all of your business communications so people know how to follow you.

You may be using Twitter as a business tool, but are you using it for maximum benefit?

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