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How to Create Content that Converts

December 15th, 2014 No Comments

content marketingYou may be the master of writing interesting, entertaining content for your blog or website.  In fact, you may get numerous comments and replies from readers.  But unless you convert that readership into customers, you are wasting your time.  As a business owner, your goal is to gain new customers or clients, not just fans.

Don’t Forget to Sell

While creating a blog or writing articles for your website is about drawing people in with information, you are still trying to sell something to them.  Don’t forget that purpose when you are developing your content.  You don’t have to come on strong, but you do have to let your audience know about your product, even if that product is you.

Create a Separate Page

Make sure that you have a page where people can go to buy your product and then tell them about it in your blog, article, or on your Facebook posts.  It’s the landing page that will do the hard selling, but no one will ever know about it if you don’t mention it on other pages.

Offer Something for Free

The purpose of your content should be to inform. Every time you write content that is useful to your readers, you are giving them something for free – information.  Occasionally you might want to kick it up a notch and offer a product or small service for free. This offer, of course, would link to another page that describes this product or service. This is a landing page. Here, they need to give you their information in exchange for this product or service. Make sure it is useful to them and something that will lead to sales in the future.  While not everyone who takes the free offer will buy from you, you will see an increase in your conversion rates.

Use Email

You can use the above free offer to get people’s emails where you can send marketing messages with their permission.  However, you want to be subtle in this area as well.  Begin by educating your potential customer and building their trust before you attempt to sell them on what you can do for them.  You will be more likely to have success if you follow this strategy as opposed to selling in the first or every email.

Place Your Blog on Your Website

Most people will find your website through a back way in rather than going to the home page first.  That’s why it is crucial to have your blog link to your site as a sub-domain.  As you develop loyal followers who trust you, they will begin looking around the rest of your site to see what you are all about.

Create Quality Content

Establish yourself as an authority in your field and when your readers need what you’re offering, they will want to get it from you.  They will feel comfortable with you and trust you over someone unfamiliar.

In today’s world, there are no shortcuts in marketing.  You have to develop a relationship with your followers while providing information that is beneficial to them and alerting them to your product.  However, this is not an overnight solution but a long-term relationship.  Over time this will result in a better conversion rate for the people who read your content.

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