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Content: Blog and Article Writing service

Increasing visibility on search engines now depends heavily on content. While older algorithms focused more on links and keywords, Google now places a heavy emphasis on having fresh, relevant, engaging content in order to provide the most accurate and up-to-date search results possible. This means that business owners seeking to improve site rankings need to continually post original, unique content that catches the eye of web crawlers.

The term “content” refers to longer posts such as blogs, articles, web copy, and press releases. Unfortunately, tweets and shorter Facebook posts don’t really count as content. The key is to write longer pieces that search engines consider relevant and interesting.

For busy local business owners, Your Cyber Partner can provide content marketing with SEO in mind. We specialize in crafting content around strategic keywords and phrases while our focus remains on engaging your audience. We can generate relevant content for your business and can post directly to your website. (When uploading a blog, it is referred to as a ‘post.’) We also select graphics to enhance your posts and articles and create links for search engine optimization. You determine the frequency to fit your budget.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing recognize these posts as unique and relevant content while simultaneously indexing the keywords in relation to your business.

Why You Need a Company Blog

A blog is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can increase product sales and generate more leads. A blog is typically 250-300 words—enough to get your point across, and not so much as to lose the attention of your reader.A blog can be built into your website or created separately and then linked to your website. Blogs, originally called “web logs,” allow you to solicit feedback from your customers on a more personal level. It’s a platform that can help you humanize your business and inject more of your personality into the content. While websites and articles tend to be more informative, a blog can help you convey your passion about your company.

Blogs are also a great way to improve customer service. Potential and current customers can comment on your posts, and you can write them back. If a client has a question, he or she can ask on the blog directly. Regularly answering blog questions indicates that you are committed to customer service not only in the shop, but on the Internet as well.

Another benefit of a blog is that it paints you as an expert in the industry. If you continuously post relevant, informative, conversational pieces that are pertinent to the reader, they’ll trust you as a resource instead of viewing you as simply another retailer. You can also manage content very well on a blog; there are archiving features for date and category. This helps your readers find exactly what they’re looking for without having to search extensively.

Most importantly, blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Good content is shared via bookmarking sites and social media. That is a huge plus for SEO and driving traffic back to your site, which vastly improves your site rankings.

Blogging is a valuable resource that you can’t afford to lose out on. They provide a great platform for informative content, promotions, and fun articles. You can convey your passion about your business while answering customers’ questions. And it’s an effective, low-cost way to increase web visibility so that you can pop up ahead of your competitors. In this tough economy, blogs are quickly becoming the method of choice to boost site rankings while communicating with customers.

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