Woodshire Apartments

Several New Websites


This client is the property manager for several apartment complexes that are similar, but different. Each had a website, all of which were very outdated with very little information and no access to the backend. Visually, these were competing with sites like apartments.com and rent.com. To attract potential renters, he needed some of the features shown on the larger sites, as well as access to change the information as often as necessary.


We started with one apartment community and gathered as much information as possible about the complex and the surrounding area (schools, attractions, transportation, etc.), including images. The content was organized and rewritten. Working with a WordPress theme that was built for this purpose, we created an easy-to-use layout that provided all the information a potential renter would look for with calls to action throughout the site.

For each area of the site that might be updated regularly – promotions, pricing, reviews – we integrated an easy-to-use content management tool. With this proprietary feature, the staff in the rental office can easily change these areas of the site using any browser and without accessing WordPress. For example, the individual property managers can quickly and easily change the specials and update the apartment prices.

An additional five sites were duplicated. Like the properties, the websites are similar, but different. And each office can maintain certain aspects of their site without accessing WordPress.


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