Digital Marketing Services


Ruth, a psychotherapist with a private practice, wanted to increase her client base and was frustrated when she saw her competition come up in every Google search, while she did not. Her website had been built and hosted by one of those big-name companies, along with a promise of Google placement. For a hefty monthly fee, there was no placement or optimization of any kind and the client’s site hadn’t been touched in years. It was full of cheesy stock photos, hard-to-read fonts, and had a .net domain! In addition, the client did not own the site, the photos, or the content.


We started with an extensive, competitive keyword search to ensure we used the words people were searching for in her newly written content. I also suggested replacing Ruth’s logo with a new version–one that portrayed the mature professional she is. We designed a new site using soft, calming colors and real images, one that speaks to her clients. The site was then fully optimized. We continue to maintain and update the site, keeping it fresh with new video blogs and captivating images, linking back to her radio show. To boost Ruth’s online presence, we’ve added/updated the local business directory listings and enhanced her Google My Business listing with images, descriptions, hours, and anything else a prospective client might want to know. These changes have resulted in an uptick in new clients. Working with Ruth, we will continue to boost her presence in various ways to help her maintain a steady influx of new business.


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