New Website & Content Management Tool

This client presented us with three main challenges.

Challenge #1:

The founder of BW NICE was frantic when their website ‘broke.’ She needed a replacement as soon as possible, as the site is a necessary part of her organization and its members. We had no access the site and lacked the time it would take to get to know the company in order to design a new site.

Solution #1:

​The team at Your Cyber Partner was able to locate an archived version of the old site and recreate it rather quickly. Over time, the site has evolved into what it is today, and we continue to add functionality and improve on the site as the organization grows.

Challenge #2:

This organization is made up of ‘Chapters’ in various counties. Each chapter has its members, leadership team, meetings, events—and a chapter page on the web for which they are responsible. While each chapter controls their content, the ‘look and feel’ of the page had to remain consistent with the rest of the site.

Solution #2:

For each new chapter, we added a page to the site and set up certain components of that page. For the chapter-specific content, we integrated an easy-to-use content management tool. This allows each chapter (currently 17) to add and control most of their content while the framework of all the chapter pages is consistent. With this proprietary feature, the chapters can easily manage their pages on the site using any browser and without accessing WordPress. 

Challenge #3:

To call out particular attributes of membership in the Member Directory so that others can see and/or search for those attributes. Specifically, how do members let others know if they are available to speak to your group or if they have a special offer for other members?

Solution #3:

Our team was able to add specific fields to the member directory providing a place for a member to note whether she is a member of the ‘speaker bureau’ or if she has a ‘member to member offer.’ When information is entered into these fields, an icon appears in the member’s profile. When a reader clicks the icon, a box appears with more information. The directory is searchable by these fields.


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