New Website & Lead Generation


Updating the site for Ambiance Systems was the first step in lead-generation. The original homepage was all about speakers, including images of product that was no longer available. Buried further in the website was a list of other services that they provided, but without clear direction, this was rarely seen. Through our many discussions, we learned that Ambiance was the expert in design & installation of home theaters. They were also expert installers of home surveillance systems and the new ‘Smart’ home technology. This was not conveyed on the website. There were no calls to action and no clear indication of what a reader should do next.


The updated site clearly shows the services that are offered by Ambiance, in multiple places. There are updated images of current products, testimonials from satisfied customers, and contact information throughout. A blog and other content offer information that people are looking for when they come to this site and demonstrates that Ambiance is the expert in this field. And there are calls to action that lead the reader to a free consultation, set an appointment, or join a mailing list. Together with our SEO efforts, this site led to more business for Ambiance.


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