New & Improved Website


The layout of his site was not only outdated, but the color and tiny font rendered it difficult to read. The site had very little information and no visual interest. This did not accurately represent Mr. Amada as a successful attorney. More importantly, the site was not mobile responsive and there were no calls to action. Imagine a potential client on the road, in a situation, and he needs an attorney FAST.


The new site in a modern format with a larger font is easy to navigate and read, even on a mobile device. We put the information his potential clients need up front and throughout the site. On a mobile device, one could simply click the phone number to dial. The layout of this site and its content also contribute to better SEO, so more of those who need his services will find him. As a result, Mr. Amada consistently receives inquiries through the form located on his site straight to his inbox.


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