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About: Felicia


Felicia Lucco, consultant and president of Your Cyber Partner, has over 20 years’ experience supporting start-up technology companies with writing, graphic design, and website development and maintenance. With such diverse experience and a few strategic partners, Felicia and her team help business owners harness the power of the Internet by implementing today’s online marketing strategies. Google+

Posts by Felicia:

    While Pinterest was started as a way to repost things you love, it has huge potential for marketing for businesses.  Here are some ways you can market more effectively on the site if you already have a profile in place and boards set up.

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      You’ve heard of the people who were unknown until something they posted was viewed thousands and even millions of times. It may have been a video on YouTube that everyone just had to see or a comment on Facebook or Twitter that had everyone talking and responding to. How can you get your message

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