Felicia Lucco, Speaker

As a consultant and president of Your Cyber Partner, I also enjoy sharing information with others. Recognized as a Competent Communicator by Toastmasters, I have delivered many presentations to groups of small business owners.

Some of the topics I speak about include the following: 

  • How to Generate Traffic from Local Searches
  • Getting the Most from Google My Business
  • Removing the Mystery Surrounding SEO
  • Is Your Website Working for You?
  • Get More Opens with Great Subject Lines
  • A Simple Recipe for Social Media Success
  • How to Write Effective Marketing Email

Let me know what interests your group. Do you need a 20-minute talk or a formal 50-minute presentation with slides? I can accommodate your needs while offering valuable, up-to-date information attendees can use, delivered in a dynamic way that encourages interaction. Can’t get everyone together? I’m happy to do an online video presentation or webinar. In fact, I will be hosting a few of those, as well, in the new year. 

The feedback I receive has been positive. I know I’ve been successful when attendees say, “That was great information. I learned something.” 

If your organization or real estate office is looking for a speaker whose goal is to educate and share information, NOT sell, give me a call. I’m filling my calendar for 2020. 

Felicia Lucco
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