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7 Ways to Share Content

April 12th, 2016 No Comments

ways to share contentThere are many ways to share content – both original and curated (gathered from elsewhere). Let’s look at some of these options, and you can decide which to use based on what you’re sharing and where your target audience hangs out. For best results, you’ll use a combination of these. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

  1. Your website. This is an obvious choice for your own original content. If your write-up is less than 500 words and you have a blog on your website, then it would be best to post this as a blog, along with a relevant, eye-catching image. If your article is more in-depth and longer than 500 words, you may want to add it as a page to your website. Either way, don’t forget to optimize your article—and image—for SEO. When possible, create links to/from other areas of your site.
  2. Newsletter. Include your original article in a newsletter. The number of people reached will depend on the size of your contact list. Include social media buttons on your newsletter that allow a reader to share this content with just a click of the mouse.
  3. Email campaign. When your write-up fits into the strategy of an email campaign, by all means, include it. For example, if your article is about getting a proper fit when buying boots, and you’re running a sale on boots, then you’ll want to include this information. Your goal should be to drive readers back to your site. To do this, include only part of the article, with a strategically placed ‘click to read more’ link back to your site where the article is also posted as a page or blog.
  4. Guest Blog. This involves some research. You’ll want to find others in your niche where your businesses complement each other. They should be quality blog sites with a good following. Get to know them. Comment on their posts and contribute to the conversation. When you’re comfortable with their format and feel that you can contribute, contact the owner of the blog and ask. Let them know what topic you are considering.
  5. Content curation tools. There are many websites and apps to help you quickly find the content you need. (Scoop.it, Feedly, Klout, Drum Up, to name a few.) In most cases, you create an account, let them know what topics interest you, and they will push them your way in a daily email. From these, choose what resonates with you, and share using the social media buttons included. Don’t forget to add your own comments about why you are sharing a particular piece.
  6. Social media. Using SM sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, you can post excerpts from your article with a link back to your site for the full read. This makes it very easy for others to share. You can also repurpose this content by posting different excerpts from the same article at different times.
  7. LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to post full articles, as well as smaller posts like the other social media sites. A word of caution here: do not post the exact same article on LinkedIn and your website. Google may pick up on the duplication and discount them both! Start with an excerpt from the original and create a slightly different article.

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