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6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Fan Page

November 3rd, 2014 No Comments

You just created a great Fan Page, and you have friends and likes,  but now you want to reach more people. How do you get these people to find and visit your page? Below are six additional strategies to help drive traffic and grow your business.

  1. Direct Offline Networks to your Facebook

  • Make it easy for e-mail subscribers and blog readers to become a fan of your business on Facebook.
    • Upload your email contacts and send an invitation to visit your Fan Page.
    • Include a Like button in all future emails blasts.
    • Include a link to your Facebook Page in your regular email signature.
    • Blog about your Facebook Page.
    • Post a link or badge on your website and/or blog back to your FB Page.
  1. Email Signatures

Passively drive traffic to your domain by including your Facebook page link in your email signature.

  1. Business Cards

Invite people to join your Facebook Page on your business card.  As with the email signature, it’s basically a numbers game:  just think about how many business cards do you hand out each week?

  1. Searchable Facebook Page

By default, your Page is “public” …which means it can be indexed by any search engine, enabling you to drive organic search traffic to your Page. Make sure your page is set to be publicly indexed and searchable.

  1. Mobile Check-ins

For businesses that rely on walk-ins at their physical place of business (e.g., a pizza shop), Facebook enables visitors to “check in” via a Facebook mobile app, which then posts to their Facebook page. This becomes a broadcast of your brand to their friends – another means of free advertising.

You can further incentivize your visitors with discounts or rewards for checking in …and checking in often.

  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is similar to Google AdWords for pay per click (PPC) ads

A Facebook Fan Page is just one more way for people to connect with you and your business and is a powerful tool for B2B marketing.  Use Facebook to complement your existing online and offline marketing strategies, and grow your business.

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