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5 Tips for Creating a Winning Website

October 13th, 2014 No Comments

Do you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of creating your own website for your business?  Are you staring at a blank screen, wondering what to put there?  It can be difficult to decide how to best represent your company in just a few short pages.  Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Keep Website Content Short

Keep your pages short because people have short attention spans when it comes to viewing on the Internet.  There is a lot of information available and they want to learn as much as possible in a quick time frame.  If you have articles on your website, keep them under 1,000 words, 500 is even better.  If you provide information about your company, put it in compact form on the page.  Break large amounts of information down into multiple pages if it must be included.

  1. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

It should be easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.  Ensure that they can reach every page from multiple pages.  Easy navigation means they won’t have to go back to the start to get to another page, but can access it from the page they are currently on.  Anticipate where your visitors are likely to travel next from each page and incorporate that into the navigation.  Ask someone else to look at your site and tell you if something is missing.

  1. Keep Images Small

While a big image is impressive on a website, the time it takes to load is not.  Keep your images as small as possible while still making them easy to see.  You can also use CSS sprites for images that show up on multiple pages.  This allows them to be saved in a cache for faster loading when the user moves to another page.  Sprites are ideal for logos or banners that appear on every page of your website.

  1. Check Grammar and Spelling

Your website loses some of its credibility when you have glaring mistakes in spelling or grammar.  If you want your site to be taken seriously, you have to pay attention to the details.  If you are not a writing expert, have someone proofread your text before you publish it.

  1. Keep Links on Website Current

The Internet is constantly changing.  Webpages that were popular at one time are no longer in existence.  Make sure that you keep all links to outside sources current.  If a user visits your site and clicks on a link that no longer works, this implies that the website is out-dated and the information is no longer relevant.  You can use a link checker to validate links on your older pages.  When you find something that is no longer viable, replace or remove it.

There are many tricks to creating a winning website, but these five are basic tips that will work for any type of site and improve the usability and appeal for your audience.  Working with a website design company will help ensure that you follow these practices and create a site that people will enjoy using.

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