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4 Ways to Use Video to Grow Your Business

May 10th, 2016 No Comments

It’s no secret that people engage more with image-rich websites than they do with sites that are text-only, and it shouldn’t be any surprise to find out
that videos get even more engagement than static images. Video marketing gives you a way to introduce your brand, spread the word about what you do, improve brand recognition, and build relationships with new and existing customers.

But what kinds of videos should you produce? And where should you be posting and promoting them? Check out these useful tips to create more effective videos and to reach more people in your target audience.

Create Useful and Entertaining Videos

You might think that video marketing is just about advertising your brand and your products or services. Actually, just like most inbound marketing, it’s really all about building relationships with your potential and current customers. That’s why it pays to create videos that are informative, useful, and entertaining.

For example, a light-hearted and easy to understand video tutorial can help your new or potential customers solve a problem in their lives, and it can show them how using one of your products can make their lives much easier. And, because you showed your expertise and the quality of your products, they’ll be more likely to choose your brand over the competition.

Customer Testimonials

When you shop online for a new product, what’s the first thing you do before you decide to make a purchase? You look at reviews and customer testimonials, right? Instead of posting a bunch of text testimonials, why not ask some of your happiest customers if they’d be willing to sit down and film video testimonials for your site? While written testimonials and reviews are valuable, nothing beats seeing a real, live customer smiling and talking about how great your products are and how much you care about your customers.

Start a Vlog for Your Business

Your business’ blog is great for driving traffic to your site, but think what a vlog (video blog) could do for your marketing efforts. This is a short video of you explaining something instead of writing. With regular vlogs about topics that are relevant to your customers, you give them a reason to keep coming back to your site and to keep your brand in mind when they need the products or services you provide.

Start a YouTube Channel and Share Your Videos on Social Media

Of course, creating great videos is just the start. With a YouTube channel, you’ll have a place where people can go to check out all of your videos, and you’ll easily be able to link to them and/or embed them in your website, blog, and social media posts.

With a solid video marketing strategy, you can grow your business by increasing your exposure, improving your brand recognition, and building better relationships with your new and existing customers. For more information on how to create and implement successful video marketing campaigns, contact us at Your Cyber Partner today. We can’t wait to help you meet and exceed all of your online marketing goals for your business.

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