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Felicia Lucco is the best kept secret around here!  She’s personal, professional,  accurate and has an old-fashioned work ethic! She has been instrumental in helping me launch my training course.

Without her, it would not have happened.  I owe much of my current and future success to her! I’m glad she’s on my team and you will be glad she is on yours!

Theresa Mueller
Holistic Equine Academy of Lymphedema

website, content, newsletters, social media, consultations/strategy meetings, writing/editing, graphic design

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As a small business owner, YCP has been my go-to marketing team since 2011. They’ve helped me with everything from a basic website to content writing, desktop publishing (business cards and brochures), and preparation for an industry trade show. Your Cyber Partner put together a themed display complete with tabletop graphics, brochures, and promotional items, resulting in several new clients. Felicia then urged me to follow up via email marketing and keep the others “top of mind.” If you’re a business owner without a marketing staff, I highly recommend Your Cyber Partner for the job.

Ann Walsh
Reliable Bookkeeping Solutions, Inc.

website, content, consultations/strategy meetings, graphic design

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